10 Years of Travel

My passport expired earlier this year.  Well, to be completely accurate, it had six months left on it but I ran out of pages to get my visas for my trip to South East Asia in the spring. That’s a good feeling – almost as good as taking my lovely new passport and getting lots of stamps in it straight away!

But I didn’t just want to put the old one away in a drawer to collect dust and be forgotten. That passport has ten years of stamps in it; all the independent travel I have done since I graduated university.  More than a dozen countries across five continents…and a hell of a lot of memories to boot.  So I had a chat with my eminently talented graphic designer of a brother about how we could create a display of the pages from my passport.  He came with the brilliant idea of merging the stamps with some of my favourite photographs from those trips.

And here are the results…

…pretty cool, huh?  I had these printed and framed in a mix of sizes and they are now up on the wall of my room as a beautiful reminder of all the amazing places I have been in the past ten years and inspiration for all of the places I still want to go.  I wonder what stamps and photographs I will have to add to the collection in ten years time?

My brother is in the process of redesigning his website but you can keep up to date with his activity on Facebook via AgentBright.

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