Take What You Need

Take What You NeedIt can be hard to ask for what you need sometimes.

I was catching up with a friend a little while ago.  As we were talking, I told him about two or three recent setbacks but that everything seemed to be going better again.  “Why didn’t you call me?”, he asked.  And I couldn’t answer him.  It wasn’t that I had intentionally not reached out to my friends when I was down but, as I thought about, I realised that this happens a lot.  When something gets me down, I tend to throw up the barriers and get on with it, on my own.

So last week, after experiencing a bit of heartache, I decided to reach out to some of my friends and say “I need you.  I’m feeling low.  Please help me!” (not what I actually said but you know what I mean!).  And you know what, they all immediately replied, told me that they loved me and arranged to spend time with me.  I instantly felt better and now I have a week of plans with some of my favourite people.

It can be scary to admit when you’re need but don’t let that hold you back.  So ask yourself, what do you need and who can you reach out to?

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