Links I’ve Liked

How is it Sunday again already?  This week has just flown by and I have had even less time to read than usual so here a few of the things I’ve been catching up on.

I don’t have a daughter but, if I ever do one day, I think I will share these 101 Things, courtesy of Daydreaming In Ink, with her – well, most of them!

I went to a Stylist Magazine LifeLessons event this week; I heard three inspirational women speak and met some lovely women in the process.  It turns out that Stylist readers are a pretty clever lot, as they showed with this little collection of advice to get through difficult times.  The advice On Patience is my favourite and one my mum always tells me when I’m having a tough time.

Commuting can be hard work sometimes, particularly in a city like London.  The Evening Standard shared 10 steps to having a mindful commute.  I’m going to give number 10 a go; I normally listen to music but I’ll experiment with the silence this week.

And finally, just a little reminder that the only time that matters is now.



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